Great Thief Leon

Unit No. 0312

Unit #0312 - Great Thief Leon

Max Level60
Max HP3404
Max ATK1102
Max DEF1002
Max REC1150


A great thief who once claimed the ruined Agni Empire as his territory. Leon and his twin blades often found themselves pitted against the authority of gods and public officials. However, during this time he was held up as someone who fought against anyone that tormented humans. He paid little mind to this words, and further continued stealing as if to make sure it was known that he was still in fact a thief.


No.NameCost to evolveMaterials to evolve
0079Unit #0079 - Thief Leon2Thief Leon50,000 ZelUnit #0171 - Fire NymphUnit #0171 - Fire NymphUnit #0177 - Fire Spirit
0080Unit #0080 - Head Thief Leon3Head Thief Leon100,000 ZelUnit #0171 - Fire NymphUnit #0183 - Fire IdolUnit #0201 - MimicUnit #0201 - Mimic
0312Unit #0312 - Great Thief Leon4Great Thief Leon


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