Fire Nymph

Unit No. 0171

Unit #0171 - Fire Nymph

Max Level1
Max HP1100
Max ATK300
Max DEF300
Max REC300


A small nymph thought to be born from fire, one of the six elements created by the gods. Lively and erratic, it is always scheming while floating around. It often appears before people, but since it is unpredictable and may suddenly attack, it's perceived as an nuisance by most. Yet as it can grant special powers to others, many Summoners search for this fairy.

Used to evolve

No.NameMax LvCostType
0001Unit #0001 - Fencer Vargas2Fencer Vargas122Normal
0003Unit #0003 - Fire King Vargas4Fire King Vargas608Normal
0004Unit #0004 - Fire God Vargas5Fire God Vargas8010Normal
0025Unit #0025 - Beast Zegar2Beast Zegar303Normal
0026Unit #0026 - Rage Beast Zegar3Rage Beast Zegar405Normal
0027Unit #0027 - Fire Beast Zegar4Fire Beast Zegar609Normal
0043Unit #0043 - Burny1Burny101Normal
0055Unit #0055 - Witch Liza1Witch Liza152Normal
0056Unit #0056 - Warlock Liza2Warlock Liza304Normal
0079Unit #0079 - Thief Leon2Thief Leon303Normal
0080Unit #0080 - Head Thief Leon3Head Thief Leon406Normal
0087Unit #0087 - Orthos2Orthos302Normal
0099Unit #0099 - Salamander2Salamander302Normal
0100Unit #0100 - Ifrit3Ifrit404Normal
0112Unit #0112 - Dragon Graven4Dragon Graven608Normal
0124Unit #0124 - Fire Knight Agni4Fire Knight Agni608Normal
0136Unit #0136 - Lava Phoenix4Lava Phoenix608Normal
0137Unit #0137 - God Phoenix5God Phoenix8012Normal
0154Unit #0154 - Fire Knight Lava4Fire Knight Lava608Normal
0203Unit #0203 - Blacksmith Galant2Blacksmith Galant304Normal
0204Unit #0204 - Bruiser Galant3Bruiser Galant406Normal
0205Unit #0205 - God Arm Galant4God Arm Galant6010Normal
0221Unit #0221 - Lancia3Lancia405Normal
0222Unit #0222 - Hot Chef Lancia4Hot Chef Lancia608Normal
0239Unit #0239 - Lorand3Lorand407Normal
0287Unit #0287 - Drake Chief Aisha3Drake Chief Aisha407Normal
0377Unit #0377 - War Demon Vishra4War Demon Vishra6010Normal
0459Unit #0459 - Hermit Talos2Hermit Talos303Normal

Found in

MapDungeonCan Acquire?
MistralCave of Flames


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