Head Thief Leon

Unit No. 0080

Unit #0080 - Head Thief Leon

Max Level40
Max HP2892
Max ATK905
Max DEF905
Max REC935


With a simple credo of "help the weak, crush the strong", he came to lead a large band of thieves around the ruined Agni Empire. Trading his knives for swords as the war with the gods began, he fought for the masses. Alas, the officials he hurt before interfered, leaving him with enemies among the gods and the empire, but he was still able to meet a heroic end.


No.NameCost to evolveMaterials to evolve
0079Unit #0079 - Thief Leon2Thief Leon50,000 ZelUnit #0171 - Fire NymphUnit #0171 - Fire NymphUnit #0177 - Fire Spirit
0080Unit #0080 - Head Thief Leon3Head Thief Leon100,000 ZelUnit #0171 - Fire NymphUnit #0183 - Fire IdolUnit #0201 - MimicUnit #0201 - Mimic
0312Unit #0312 - Great Thief Leon4Great Thief Leon

    Found in

    MapDungeonCan Acquire?
    MistralCave of Flames
    MorganKagan Desert
    MorganTower of Morgan


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