Tower of Morgan


The Never-Ending Tower745064.3
Stairway to the Heavens752074.3
Dance of Lightning Flames860075.0
Gale of the Ice Tree870087.5
Shadowless Creatures980088.9
The Eroding Barricade101000100.0

Units Fought

RarityAvatarNameCan Acquire?Boss For
1Unit #0073 - HarpyHarpy
1Unit #0057 - Priest MerithPriest Merith
1Unit #0059 - Geomancer ClarisGeomancer Claris
1Unit #0055 - Witch LizaWitch Liza
1Unit #0061 - Dancer MayDancer May
1Unit #0077 - SkeletonSkeleton
1Unit #0063 - Sage MimirSage Mimir
1Unit #0075 - AngelAngel
1Unit #0067 - GoblinGoblin
1Unit #0069 - MermanMerman
1Unit #0071 - MandragoraMandragora
2Unit #0081 - Pirate VericaPirate Verica
2Unit #0079 - Thief LeonThief Leon
2Unit #0083 - Bandit ZazaBandit Zaza
2Unit #0085 - Sky Pirate GraflSky Pirate Grafl
2Unit #0087 - OrthosOrthos
2Unit #0089 - RamiaRamia
2Unit #0091 - FairyFairy
2Unit #0093 - MinotaurMinotaur
3Unit #0198 - Metal GhostMetal Ghost
4Unit #0202 - Bat MimicBat Mimic
2Unit #0060 - Time Mage ClarisTime Mage ClarisGale of the Ice Tree
2Unit #0066 - Magician LilyMagician LilyShadowless Creatures
2Unit #0062 - High Dancer MayHigh Dancer MayDance of Lightning Flames
3Unit #0080 - Head Thief LeonHead Thief Leon
3Unit #0138 - LeviathanLeviathanStairway to the Heavens
3Unit #0153 - LavaLavaDance of Lightning Flames
3Unit #0084 - Head Bandit ZazaHead Bandit Zaza
3Unit #0156 - Captain MegaCaptain MegaGale of the Ice Tree
3Unit #0165 - Knight WillKnight WillShadowless Creatures
3Unit #0096 - PegasusPegasus
3Unit #0135 - PhoenixPhoenixThe Never-Ending Tower

Quest Details

The Never-Ending Tower

Don't let Karl and Seria's wishes go to waste. Ascend the tower quickly and track down Abaddon and Graham!

Boss stage:

Stairway to the Heavens

This tower is like a gigantic fortress. The spiral stairs that surround its vast outer walls are the only way up...

Boss stage:

Dance of Lightning Flames

Is this only the halfway point? You can still hear the cries from the fierce battle raging below... It's time to hurry.

Boss stage:

Gale of the Ice Tree

Past the halfway point, warriors summoned by Maxwell and Abaddon block the path. There's no turning back now.

Boss stage:

Shadowless Creatures

The Stairway to the Heavens has narrowed. You can no longer hear the shouts from the base. You're almost there.

Boss stage:

The Eroding Barricade

You've reached the top at last. Continue on and defeat Abaddon and Graham, you can't let Karl and the others down!

Boss stage: