Tower of Mistral


The Skyhigh Tower57014.0
Monsters of the Corridor59018.0
The Stairs of Trial611018.3
The Pillars of Force613021.7
The Forged Gigantor818022.5

Units Fought

RarityAvatarNameCan Acquire?Boss For
1Unit #0043 - BurnyBurny
1Unit #0045 - SquirtySquirty
1Unit #0047 - MossyMossy
1Unit #0049 - SparkySparky
1Unit #0055 - Witch LizaWitch Liza
1Unit #0057 - Priest MerithPriest Merith
1Unit #0059 - Geomancer ClarisGeomancer Claris
1Unit #0061 - Dancer MayDancer May
1Unit #0063 - Sage MimirSage Mimir
1Unit #0065 - Sorceress LilySorceress Lily
1Unit #0067 - GoblinGoblin
1Unit #0069 - MermanMerman
1Unit #0071 - MandragoraMandragora
1Unit #0073 - HarpyHarpy
1Unit #0075 - AngelAngel
1Unit #0077 - SkeletonSkeletonMonsters of the Corridor
2Unit #0081 - Pirate VericaPirate Verica
2Unit #0097 - MedusaMedusa
2Unit #0083 - Bandit ZazaBandit Zaza
2Unit #0085 - Sky Pirate GraflSky Pirate Grafl
2Unit #0095 - UnicornUnicorn
2Unit #0079 - Thief LeonThief Leon
3Unit #0198 - Metal GhostMetal Ghost
2Unit #0052 - King GlowyKing GlowyThe Skyhigh Tower
2Unit #0046 - King SquirtyKing SquirtyThe Pillars of Force
2Unit #0048 - King MossyKing MossyThe Pillars of Force
2Unit #0050 - King SparkyKing SparkyThe Pillars of Force
2Unit #0044 - King BurnyKing BurnyThe Pillars of Force
2Unit #0054 - King GloomyKing GloomyThe Skyhigh Tower
3Unit #0147 - WyvernWyvernThe Stairs of Trial
3Unit #0144 - BehemothBehemothMonsters of the Corridor

Quest Details

The Skyhigh Tower

You've reached the Tower of Mistral at last. This is Maxwell's base inside Mistral. Hurry your way inside!

Boss stage:

Monsters of the Corridor

This tower reaches amazingly high into the sky. Fearsome monsters await with blood-soaked claws.

Boss stage:

The Stairs of Trial

Halfway up, a giant flying dragon is defending the tower, attacking anyone who nears. You must avoid it's attacks to advance.

Boss stage:

The Pillars of Force

Masters of each of the four elements stand in wait as the final barrier in the path to the lord of the tower.

Boss stage:

The Forged Gigantor

You're almost at the top. A mechanical deity, likely Maxwell's creation, awaits. The final battle for Mistral begins.

Boss stage: