Greskya Caves


Inferno Gate745064.3
Cave-Dwelling Assassins755078.6
The Bandits' Feast868085.0
Hot Gale's Caress8850106.3
Before the Flame Princess101000100.0

Units Fought

RarityAvatarNameCan Acquire?Boss For
1Unit #0061 - Dancer MayDancer May
1Unit #0065 - Sorceress LilySorceress Lily
1Unit #0067 - GoblinGoblin
1Unit #0073 - HarpyHarpy
1Unit #0077 - SkeletonSkeleton
1Unit #0055 - Witch LizaWitch Liza
2Unit #0182 - Dark SpiritDark Spirit
2Unit #0177 - Fire SpiritFire Spirit
2Unit #0180 - Thunder SpiritThunder Spirit
2Unit #0079 - Thief LeonThief Leon
2Unit #0085 - Sky Pirate GraflSky Pirate Grafl
2Unit #0087 - OrthosOrthos
2Unit #0093 - MinotaurMinotaur
2Unit #0097 - MedusaMedusa
4Unit #0202 - Bat MimicBat Mimic
2Unit #0099 - SalamanderSalamanderHot Gale's Caress
3Unit #0133 - ShidaShidaCave-Dwelling Assassins
3Unit #0153 - LavaLavaBefore the Flame Princess
3Unit #0129 - Sky Knight FalmaSky Knight FalmaHot Gale's Caress
3Unit #0098 - ZahhakZahhak
3Unit #0035 - Strategist WeissStrategist WeissInferno Gate
3Unit #0123 - Knight AgniKnight AgniThe Bandits' Feast

Quest Details

Inferno Gate

Welcome to the newly discovered realm of Cordelica. A huge gate towers above you, as if it were beckoning Summoners inside...

Boss stage:

Cave-Dwelling Assassins

Beyond the huge gate unfolds a fiery cave. It doesn't look like you'll find anything worthy of investigation here, so keep moving forward.

Boss stage:

The Bandits' Feast

You've stumbled into a thriving monster habitat. Judging by the hungry glint in their eyes, you're probably the first human they've seen in centuries.

Boss stage:

Hot Gale's Caress

There's no respite from the scalding heat. A gust of hot wind blasting through the maze of caverns.

Boss stage:

Before the Flame Princess

A cold wind dries the sweat from your forehead. Could the exit be nearby? You spot a shaft of light, but it's guarded by a formidable-looking foe...

Boss stage: